Upholstery & Mattress Cleaning

Upholstery and mattresses can be difficult to clean, but not when you call us! Deep Shine Cleaning uses the best products and techniques. We can restore your upholstery and mattresses to a pristine, perfectly clean condition. Upholstery furniture and mattresses naturally collect dust, oils, dead skin cells and even pollen from the air around them. We will remove stains as well as bacteria and dust to refresh your favourite sofa, chair and mattress. In addition you will get deodoriser and sanitiser without extra cost.

  • Price for upholstery starts from $25 to $35
  • Mattress steam cleaning starts from $65 to $110
Upholstery and Mattress Cleaning


Your cappets, tiles and furnishings will look cleaner and long lasting. Our aim is the best results and customer statisfaction.

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"The rental bond cleaning was completed from Deep Shine Cleaning. They are really did a good work, satisfied with end result and happy with service. I would recommend them to others."